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I'm procrastinating on this Bag From Hell that some very particular person ordered and am desperately looking for things to do instead. I should have turned it down but it's not as though I'm swimming in orders so I could use the dosh. The things we do for money.

Anyway, Monday, I hosted a photographer, 2 models, a hair stylist and a make-up artist in my humble little studio to photograph some of the new stuff I've been making out of the recycled rubber. First, a finished photo from the endeavor and then more pics behind the jump.

That's the photographer on the left with my wall of fabric behind him.

I made a number of vignettes for the shoot, grabbing Remy's Underwood and a pile of antique books from home.

This was early in the day (9am or so) and we were all fresh and enthusiastic.

The accessory table, pretty well picked over. That's Jesus, the alligator, in the foreground.

My studio all rearranged to accommodate all those people. I try to keep it clean but it's pretty difficult for a messy person like me.

Toward the end of the day. The poor girl in the photo kept sliding off the chair, which was lop-sided because the foot needed to be re-glued.
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